Story of the Iconic image of "Earth Rise" from Apollo 8

1/18/2019 7:00

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions to the moon. Apollo 8 gave us a new perspective of our place in space by taking the iconic image "Earth Rise" as the earth rose above the lunar horizon.

Each month during the school year we meet at the Jenks High School Planetarium for a program about recent astronomy news and events. The event is inside a modern full dome planetarium which can recreate astronomical events past, present or future.

After the meeting, you are invited join us at one of Jenks great restaurants to visit and discuss our astronomical interests. It's always a great time- my favorite part!

We hope to see you there!!

NOTE: If Jenks school system is closed due to weather the event will be cancelled.



The Jenks Planetarium is located at 105 East B St.
That's just west of the Jenks football stadium.
The Planetarium is on the third floor of the Math and Science building.

Directions and a map to the high school campus can be found Google style map here.