Mercury Transit in front of the Sun - - Plus Online Streaming

11/11/2019 7AM- 12PM

On Monday Nov. 11 the planet Mercury will pass directly in front of the sun called a Transit. Appearing as a tiny dot Mercury will take over 5 hours to cross the face of the sun. The next Mercury transit visible from here will be May 7, 2049
Telescopes with specially designed solar filters are required to observe the Transit Safely.

Solar Telescopes are planned for public viewing at two locations.
Telescope viewing is dependent sky clear enough to see the Sun.
Both are come and go events.
In Case of Cloudy sky see Online Streaming Options below.

Jenks High School planetarium on the 3rd floor of the science building.
Will have a short show and telescopes set up on the roof.
105 East B St, Jenks, OK 7:30 AM to Noon

Tulsa Air & Space Museum planetarium. 8:30 to Noon
3624 N 74th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74115

Here is a short video explaining the transit - Mercury Transit video here.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory continuously images the sun in 10 wavelengths
Details at Mercury Transit From Space here.



The Jenks Planetarium is located at 105 East B St.
The Planetarium is on the third floor of the Math and Science building.

Directions and a map to the high school campus can be found Google style map here.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum -3624 N 74th E Ave, Tulsa