General Meeting - TruSat - New Approach to Citizen Science and Astronomy

3/6/2020 7:00 PM

TruSat - A New Approach to Space Sustainability – by Brad Young
Citizen Science and Astronomy
Amateur astronomers have always been ready and willing to help increase scientific knowledge and advance the use and exploration of space. New ways to help are being developed all the time, and I have had the pleasure of being an adviser on the development of a new one, TruSat.

The public is invited to join us each month inside the Jenks High school planetarium. Inside their modern full dome planetarium, we can see recreations of astronomical events past, present or future. At our meetings you can enjoy presentations topics such as current space exploration, astronomical events and on occasion we get the opportunity to preview the latest planetarium production the students are working on. You also can learn more about past, present, and future club events and activities.

After the meeting, members often go to eat at one of Jenks great restaurants to visit and become better acquainted and just have a great time!
We hope to see you there!

NOTE: If Jenks School System is closed due to weather the event will be cancelled.



The Jenks Planetarium is located at 105 East B St.
That's just west of the Jenks football stadium.
The Planetarium is on the third floor of the Math and Science building.

Directions and a map to the high school campus can be found Google style map here.