Member ONLY Observing Night - Social Distancing Guidelines in Effect

7/10/2020 8:30 PM

This is an event for our club members and immediate families only.
Please observe Social Distancing Guidelines
Further Guidelines in June 2020 Newsletter under ABOUT TAB on website.
Stay in family units - Social Distancing - Classroom and Dome closed but Restroom open. Mask suggested but not required. Watch for future updates

SATURDAY July 11 will be used as a BACKUP DATE if Friday has to be Canceled.
Check Club Website for updates.

If you are a current member, we reserve the darkest nights just for you. Our Members ONLY Observing Night is a night that you can spend time at the observatory free from visitors, noise and the additional light pollution! Perhaps you would like to earn one of the over 40 observing certificates from the Astronomical League. Check out some of their   Observing Programs.

If you are not currently a member, you can easily join. Simply go to the JOIN section on our website. Submit the forms online and mail in your membership dues.   Click here to Join our Club.

Events may be cancelled due to weather conditions. Check back here for cancellations.

If the event is cancelled, the next day, Saturday, will be used as a back-up at the same time if weather improves.



ACT Observatory - - NOTE: Do NOT Use GPS - it will send you on some rough roads.
Click Here for Directions Map