General Meeting - Chasing Star Shadows - Citizen Science Opportunities

2/23/2018 7:00 PM

Club member John Moore will talking about his adventures chasing “Star Shadows”. An Occultation occurs when a distant object passes in front of a star briefly hiding it. The length of time the star disappears provides valuable information about size and shape of the object. John will be talking about fundamentals of occultation recording using telescopes, cameras and computers. He will discuss how the International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA) can provide software and mentoring to people who want to participate in this endeavor. He will be sharing how his association with IOTA resulted in being asked by NASA to travel to South Africa and Patagonia to gather vital data on 2014 MU69 – for the 2019 flyby of this distant Kuiper belt object. Plus a more recent trip to Florida to observe an occultation of Neptune’s giant moon Triton.

This indoor, public event is held each month to discuss past, present, and future club events and activities as well as Astronomy news.
After the meeting, we all go to eat at one of Jenks great restaurants.
We hope to see you there!!



The Jenks Planetarium is located at 105 East B St.
That's just west of the Jenks football stadium.
The Planetarium is on the third floor of the Math and Science building.

Directions and a map to the high school campus can be found Google style map here.