Total Eclipse of the Flower Moon Sunday evening May 15

5/15/2022 9:15-12:55

Total Eclipse of the Flower Moon
- All times are in Central Daylight Time

On the evening of Sunday May 15th extending past midnight on the 16th all viewers in the Western Hemisphere will have the opportunity to view a Total Lunar Eclipse. . No special equipment is needed to watch the Full Flower Moon as it slips through the Earth’s shadow. Binoculars or a low power telescope will enhance you view but are not needed. It will be visible simultaneously across the US, but the clock time will change with your times zone. The eclipse will be already under the way in the western states as the moon rises

The full moon rises in the SE about 8:11 PM By 8:32 PM the moon will begin slipping into the Earth outer shadow called the penumbra. By 9:15 or so left side of the moon will appear noticeably shaded. At 9:27 look the Earth’s inner shadow, the Umbra, makes first contact at about the 7 o’clock position.

Totality begins at 10:29 PM - Mid Eclipse is 11:11 - Totality ends at 11:54.
Be sure to locate the moon before totality begins as the moon is much dimmer during totality. Look for the eclipsed moon in the SE about 20 degrees above the horizon. During totality the moon appears diminished orange or even a dull red. The only light reaching the moon is the result of the Earth’s atmosphere bending the combined light of all the sunsets and sunrises along the Earth’s limb. The color of the eclipse varies depending on how much dust and smoke is in the upper atmosphere.

The moon will exit the earth’s umbra at 12:54 AM on the morning of May 16th.
If it’s cloudy you likely can search for live feeds of the eclipse online.



Anywhere you can see the moon. See details for times.