Would your group like to spend an evening observing the stars?


The Astronomy Club of Tulsa is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public in the beauty of the night sky and the science of astronomy.


We will guide you to the wonders above and describe what you can see with the unaided eye, along with what you can view through binoculars or a telescope.  Observe the moon, planets, stars, nebula, galaxies, and other celestial objects.  We can arrange for your group to come out to our observatory, or our volunteers can come to your location.  Our observatory is south of Tulsa between Mounds and Beggs west of Highway 75.  We recommend coming out to our observatory, or somewhere else away from city lights.  Light pollution in our city and suburbs greatly limits what can be seen.  Also we suggest not trying to observe around the Full Moon, since only bright objects are visible then.


Being a non-profit group, we have no set fee for a private event, however, any donation your group would care to make would be greatly appreciated, to help us continue educating the public.


School groups, scout groups, church groups, business groups, and any other groups that are interested in observing can contact our Group Coordinator and schedule a date.  Since we are all volunteers, many with full-time jobs, Fridays and Saturdays are better for us for group events, but we can meet on other days.  Our group director will work with you to set a date.


Answer a few questions on the next page to start arranging for your evening under the stars.  We hope to see you soon.